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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Aug 06, 2015)
Barrillidan incoming
(Jul 28, 2015)
I need dis
(Jul 27, 2015)
Fuck yeah, I hoped this addon existed....and it does!
(Jul 14, 2015)
(Jul 07, 2015)
Yo nerds good luck
(Jul 04, 2015)
(Jul 03, 2015) aloha snackbar
(Jun 23, 2015)
taunt has less range. more armor less stagger. can't stagger things that ignore armor. WW 5% nerf. overall loss QQ
(Jun 23, 2015)
Hpally: straight buff, Retpally, straight buff, Prot pally, nothing. Eh, overall win
(Jun 22, 2015)
Guild Meeting tonight at 9 Server to go over HFC boss strats with Rajanii if you see this beforehand please show up
(Jun 17, 2015)
That is the most weda guild ever. Haha
(Jun 15, 2015)
look at that shit. that is kawaii as a motherfucker
(Jun 15, 2015)
app to the best guild in the world right here :^)
(May 30, 2015) #2realpepe
(May 30, 2015)
Hello Guys my comp took a shit on me and is under repairs still do to funds going to take awhile til i return.
(May 28, 2015)
THE new ssd: