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All of the following rules and policies are to be followed as they read and to the interpretation of the officers. These rules are likely to need to be changed as new content is released, it is for this reason that the officers reserve the right to amend and add on to these rules and policies as necessary. Should an instance occur where a new rule or policy is developed during raid time, player(s) who violated the newly made rule may not be punished for it, instead they will receive a warning and the rule will later be added onto this list and then put into effect.

Raid Information/Policies

1. Raid participants are expected to come to raids fully prepared for all reasonably foreseeable needs of the entire evening. This means that armor should be fully repaired prior to raid. The raider should arrive with sufficient reagents and consumables to last them the entire evening, this does not include flasks and potions. A specific quantity of flasks and potions will be supplied by the guild bank. If for whatever reason raiders find that they run out of reagents and or consumables that they need they may ask an officer to take the items in question out of the guild bank at the officers' discretion. Raiders are also expected to arrive at the start of the raid with all expected alternate gear sets (such as Secondary Spec gear) expected to be needed for the evening's schedule.

2. Raiders are expected to farm or purchase their own reagents and consumables for raids, unless otherwise announced by the officers. These include foods, buffing reagents, augment runes etc. Specialty consumables, such as special protection potions, may be provided by the guild for use during specific encounters.

3. Raiders are expected to utilize full consumables for every raid boss attempt. The use of full consumables is not required for trash mobs, unless announced by the officers/raid leader. Full consumables means: A flask, buff food to render a well-fed buff of the highest quality, and an augment rune, appropriate to your class and role. Each raider must bring sufficient supplies of each consumable to last them for an entire evening of attempts.

4. By default, raiders are presumed to be available for every scheduled official raid. Members who will not be available for one or more raids are required to make a new comment in the Scheduled Raid event on the calendar for each date that they will be absent, with as much advance notice as the situation permits (but prior to raid invite time), announcing their unavailability and reason (can be reasonably generic to avoid significant invasion of privacy). If no notice is posted, the member will be presumed to be available for the raid. Members who repeatedly are absent without giving the appropriate notice may face EP deductions, reduction of rank, or other disciplinary actions as determined by the officers.

5. Raiders are expected to be in Ventrilo during all hours of raid time. Raiders are not required to speak, but need to be able to hear all transmissions from the other raiders and officers. Raiders are expected to be able to respond to these transmissions through Ventrilo or raid chat.

6. Raiders are expected to be using the optimal spec for each boss fight. What qualifies as the optimal spec should be predetermined by the raider for each fight before entering the instance, this can change however as a raider may need to use a specific spec to perform a specific role.

7. During the raid, all raiders are expected to be killing bosses and trash in between bosses and during looting. If a raider needs to AFK during the raid time and a break has not been enacted, they must inform an officer. If a raider fails to inform any officer before they go AFK they will lose out on the next tick of ep and risk removal from the raid in order to allow the raid to progress. Should a raider continually go afk without informing an officer they risk more severe punishments at the discretion of the officers. Should a raider leave the raid before the raid is called or before the end of raid time without providing the officers with a valid reason before or after the incident occurs, they will be deducted 1500 EP. Emergencies obviously are valid as they are out of the raiders control, other reasons will be determined valid or invalid at the discretion of the officers.

EPGP Information/Policies

General Rules/Policies

EPGP is awarded and charged to all Maelstrom raid members, regardless of rank. Raid participants who are not in Maelstrom may not earn or spend EPGP during an official raid.

Earning EP

EP will be earned at the rate of 100 EP per half hour, that the member is present in the raid group. The accrual timer will begin at 8:00 PM server time (regardless of whether the first pull is delayed beyond this time) with a starting sum of 200 EP and will continue until the official announcement by an officer or raid leader that the raid is concluded for the evening where a 200 EP sum will go out again. The officers may, at their discretion, also award bonus EP for other reasons, evenly to all participants in the raid.

Standby members may earn EP equal to the full amount that raid participants earn, provided the following criteria are met:

1. The member is able to be reached easily and informs an officer of the reason for leaving the raid group. The member must be able to be contacted at any time, ways of doing this include through Ventrilo, in game chat, or a pre-determined method of contact that the member and officer decided upon. This applies so long as the member is able to stop what they are doing should they be subbed into the acting raid team.

2. Characters that are on standby must be parked at the entrance to the instance being raided in order to be eligible for EP.

3. The player must be available to substitute into the raid at any time during the course of the raiding evening in order to be considered on standby. Players who are not available to substitute in at any time will be removed from the raid group and will not be eligible for standby EP accrual. (For example, a character in raid whose player has left to go to a bar. The player is obviously not present and able to swap in, so the character will be removed from the group and the player will not earn standby EP.) Being ready to substitute into the raid includes being in a state of full repair and carrying all necessary consumables, reagents and gear sets.

As long as this criteria is met there is a myriad of activities for players to engage in while on standby. Some examples are as follows, getting on alts, dungeoning, questing, doing old content, doing stuff outside the game, etc.

Acquiring GP

GP acquisition will apply to any epic quality (or better) item that drops during the course of a raid, with the exceptions of uniquely lootable items, such as mounts. GP will be given depending on the amount listed on the item with the exception of sidegrades, rerolls, and offspecs. Any and all tier and class trinkets cannot be rolled on for offspec.

Gear that is for a player’s offspec will be the addition of 1 GP to the player’s GP total.

Sidegrades will be an addition of 100 GP to your GP total. An item counts as a sidegrade if it meets any or all of the following conditions.
The gap between the base item level of the current piece of gear that it would be replacing and the item level of the piece of that would be replacing it is 6 or less
The piece of gear being rolled on has a socket and is the same as the piece of gear being replaced.
The following are exceptions to the sidegrade rules listed above, an item does not count as a sidegrade if it meets these conditions.
The piece of gear being replaced is not tier and the piece of gear that would replace it is tier.
The piece of gear being replaced is not within 6 item levels of the piece of gear that would replace it, but the piece of gear within the player's bag is.

No raid member may attempt to receive an item for less than the listed amount without officer approval.

Gear rerolls for rerolling tier or class trinkets have separate rules. If the piece of tier or class trinket is from the same difficulty as the one the player is currently using they are eligible for rerolling. When rerolling, the player is charged sidegrade GP only if they get an upgrade from their current version, being warforged, socketed, or both. The player with the highest EPGP priority for said tier piece may have the first chance at rerolling it, however we are doing this in a turned based system. If the player with the highest EPGP priority has already had a chance at rerolling and at least one player with lower EPGP priority has not yet had a chance to reroll they will be given the opportunity before the player with highest priority has their second chance.

Acquiring gear

Gear is acquired based on the EPGP priority rating identified as PR. A player must have at least 10,000 EP before they are considered in priority over players that have that amount. If the player wants an item for their main spec it takes priority over another player’s off spec and sidegrade. If a player wants an item as a sidegrade it takes priority over another player’s offspec. Gear for players offspecs will be generally given to the offspec that is used most often in raid, however this is up to the discretion of the officers. A decision will be made talking with the raiders so that it is given to the player that will generate the most benefit for the raid group. If that is not applicable it is given to the player with the highest priority.

Alts and people who are purchasing boss kills are handled differently with the loot system. Alts will never have priority over a main raider on any kind of roll, as long it is any kind of upgrade for the main raider then they have priority over the alt. Alts that are frequently used in the raid for specific bosses or mechanics have priority over other alts and also over the people who buy a kill. Any alt that isn’t used for previously mentioned purposes would free roll against the people who buy a kill. Under no circumstance will an item be sold to a vendor or disenchanted when it is needed by a raid participant, regardless of attendance rating.

Under no circumstance is any player allowed to roll or pay for any item using gp and then give it to another player without a gp transfer taking place. This includes but is not exclusive to, mounts, pets, gear, and toys.


As with anything in life, mistakes can and will be made from time to time. While we strive to be as accurate and thorough as possible in our EPGP tracking, we understand that periodic situations will arise when guild members wish to dispute or inquire further about a EPGP matter. If a member has a question about a piece of loot or EPGP, they should wait till looting is done, or until raid is over respectively before communicating his or her issue with an officer. Failure to bring up the issue in a reasonable amount of time will likely result in an unresolved issue.

Guild Member Conduct:

How we act and treat others in-game is every bit as important to our success as our boss kills.

To this end, all guild members are expected to:

1. Treat each other with respect and kindness. Do not criticize or deride those with whom you disagree. Instead, inform and educate to help them better understand your position/opinion. Be open to positive suggestions and advice.

2. Be courteous and polite towards all others.

3. Work together and help others better themselves and the guild.

4. Be considerate of the needs of other members with regards to loot. Remember that one player alone, no matter how well-geared, cannot succeed in a raid. Ensuring that your fellow guild members get geared up is just as important to your own personal success as your own gear is.

5. Read the Maelstrom forums for new information and updates on a regular basis.

6. Better yourself and your guildmates by sharing insight about your class, spec, boss strategies, and any anything else relevant for optimizing.

7. Regularly read boss strategies, watch boss kill videos and take any other necessary steps to prepare yourself for upcoming raid content.

Scheduled Raids:

Scheduled raids are conducted every Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening.

Invites for these raids come out beginning at 7:30 PM server time. All members are expected to be out of groups and ready to receive invites at this time.

All players selected for the raid that evening should be fully prepared and in the instance in time for first pull at 8:00 PM server time.

Raiding spots are generally available on a first-come, first-served basis, unless previously discussed, however the required raid makeup for the content will take priority in class selection.

Raids will generally be concluded no later than 11:00 PM server time unless a special exception is made by the officers and raid participants agree that they are willing to extend the duration for the evening.


Players are expected to attend 3/4 raid nights each week. If a player is unable to attend any day of the week they are expected to post on the guild site under the appropriate event date, failure to do so will result in an EP deduction of 700.

It is understood that emergencies can happen and that the players might not always have the opportunity to post. Should anything like this occur simply bring it to the attention of the officers, no penalties will be dispensed in this instance as it is understood that it will be out of the player's control.

Exceptions to the attendance requirement will be made in cases of a previously scheduled absence granted by the officers (such as an individual who will not be on for an entire week due to work but informed the officers). If a player plans to take an extended break and wants to be exempt from the attendance rules they must inform an officer about the situation. Depending on the length of the planned break the player may be exempt from the attendance rules, this is determined based on the length of time and is at the officers' discretion.

Should a player miss 3 weeks of consistent raiding (meaning 3 days a week), they will receive a temporary demotion to Contingency, please note that the player’s EPGP will remain untouched.

The process for a player to earn back their rank is simple, to regain their rank the player must go 3 weeks raiding consistently and then they will be given their previous rank back.

Raid Slots and Standby Status:

There is a chance that we will have more than the required 20 members for mythic raiding.. Players for which a raid slot is not available will be invited to join the raid group but will sit out until an opening becomes available. The officers will do their best to substitute players in whenever possible and will give consideration, when possible, to special loot interests/needs that certain players may have for a particular boss.

To recognize members for which a raid slot is not available, standby members will receive the same EP as they would for raid participation, provided the standby player remains available to be brought into raid.

Players who are on standby status for a raid are asked to exercise patience. Please do not badger officers about substitution. However, please notify an officer promptly if your availability changes (for example, you need to log off for the night) or if you choose to log onto an alt while waiting for a raid slot for your main.

Main Swapping:

Main swapping is when a person decides that they would prefer to use an alt character as their main character for raiding purposes within the guild. When a person swaps their main, their ep and gp is transferred over to the new character and that character takes the guild rank of their previous main character. When deciding eligibility for main swapping a person must meet certain requirements that are as follows:

-Must be viable for raid progression(Filling the swapped characters role or a role that is necessary or requested for raid progression.
-Must be within 10 ilvls of their main or able to meet certain dps/healing/tanking requirements as determined by the officers.
-Must be able to provide a reason for wanting to swap.
-Has not main swapped within the most recent major patch or pre patch or expansion content which has altered the class in some way that affects the class or specs playstyle/performance that would be swapped from.

To conduct a main swap the person wanting to swap mains should post on the main swapping forum indicating significant details about the character that they want to swap and be able to provide a showing of how they meet the previously stated requirements. Before proceeding with a main swap a trial run will be conducted to test the viability of the character who will be replacing the current main. The character who is being tested for viability will be brought into easier bosses and eventually full replacement as the gear gap is closed, however during this trial period the current main character will be brought in for progression until the trial period is completed.

General Raid:

During our scheduled raid times there is always the possibility that players who perform specific roles may be missing or that the raid size is under 20 meaning that the raid will not be able to start at the scheduled time. In the instance that this happens the raid will be put on hold and will have downtime until we get the number of players needed or until raid is called.

When the raid encounters downtime the downtime will persist depending on the situation in which it is encountered. If downtime is encountered due to lack of players it will persist for 30-45 minutes, at the officers’ discretion, at the end of this period the raid will be called. If enough players showed up and an issue is encountered that prevents the raid from continuing with planned content, it is at the officers’ discretion how long the raid waits and whether or not it is called early.

Raiders are allowed to invite friends to downtime activities at the discretion of the officers, however in no circumstance will a friend be brought in while there are raiders who wish to be a part of the downtime activity. The number of friends allowed to be brought in and what situations they are allowed to be brought into will be determined by the officers. The process of distribution of loot to raiders and their friends is at the discretion of the officers.

During downtime the activity that will be performed will be selected from a list of downtime activities at the discretion of the officers, and all members are expected to participate so long as they are able and the activity is not for the benefit of the officer or officers only. Should a member choose not to participate in downtime activities when needed they will be removed from the group and will not receive an hours worth of EP, amounting to 200 EP.

The possible selection for downtime activities are as follows.
Older raid from the current expansion for BiS items and/or mounts
Taking an extended break
Swapping to a lower difficulty with the intention of getting gear on specific main raiders and with the allowance for alts, the number of alts and minimum item level of alts are at the officers’ discretion

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact an officer, if you wish to chat privately about your issue the officers will be accommodating and discuss it in the privacy of a different channel in Ventrilo or through tells in game. Please exercise patience when trying to contact the officers during raid as there is a good chance that the officers may be preoccupied with another matter, they will get to you as soon as they are able to and will try to address whatever issue you have in a polite and cordial way.

Please send any concerns or thoughts about these updated rules to the forum post created in the members section or directly to any of the officers.
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