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(Oct 06, 2015)
I just need to post a tiny letter.
(Oct 06, 2015)
Found a great destination for a Raj/O vacation
(Oct 04, 2015)
oh yeah
(Oct 03, 2015)
Great song for a boss kill video, if anyone is interested:
(Sep 30, 2015)
Guys, I found AJ.
(Sep 27, 2015)
getcher camuras
(Sep 27, 2015)
(Sep 26, 2015)
"Witzelsucht (from the German witzeln, meaning to joke or wisecrack, and sucht, meaning addiction or yearning) is a set of rare neurological symptoms characterized by a tendency to make puns"
(Sep 23, 2015)
FWD to 3:18 if you don't want to watch the epic tale of Snake
(Sep 23, 2015)
The guy at the end is how I say Olen's name in my
(Sep 12, 2015)
heard this song yesterday, on my way to work. Had to look up the band.
(Sep 01, 2015)
LOL good stuff
(Aug 31, 2015)
That guide appears to be 1000% accurate . . .
(Aug 31, 2015) Found a guide for prot pallies.