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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(May 01, 2015)
(Apr 23, 2015)
I already learned you slat!
(Apr 23, 2015) what do you know about SSD.
(Apr 21, 2015)
Also, for those of you unfortunate enough to not be aware, this chick is a complete badass:
(Apr 20, 2015)
nice blood, haha
(Apr 19, 2015)
was only like 7 people on at like 8:05 so just logged.
(Apr 18, 2015)
The question is - How much shit am I gonna get for this?
(Apr 18, 2015)
Song of the weekend:
(Apr 10, 2015)
from blizzcon a couple years ago maybe
(Apr 10, 2015)
someone at work is selling a souvenir collectible Tankard o Terror for like $150 if someone's interested
(Apr 03, 2015)
so, this is hilarious
(Apr 02, 2015)
actually logged in first try, just took 10s for each of connecting...success...connected
(Apr 02, 2015)
just tested it, logged out, no logging back in
(Apr 02, 2015) is down log in through the WoW file rather than through the client