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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Feb 26, 2015)
(Feb 25, 2015)
Going to start a kickstarter to get my block new transistors this shit is retarded, 3 shortages in one week
(Feb 24, 2015)
old content tho, noob
(Feb 19, 2015)
Here you go Mance
(Feb 18, 2015)
You act like I check my messages on this website. Crazy.
(Feb 18, 2015)
I sent Raj a message. My schedule got fuckered.
(Feb 17, 2015)
Where the hell is meta
(Feb 16, 2015)
This would be me if I raided. im gonna abuse the fuck out of twitter
(Feb 15, 2015)
Watch and understand progression.
(Feb 13, 2015)
that is sick blood